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Bride & bridesmaid bouquets Your bridal bouquet is a once in a lifetime accessory.  
Hair Flowers

Flowers worn in the hair are very on trend at the moment.  For a subtle effect choose a few blooms to compliment the bouquets or make a floral statement with a beautiful floral crown.

Flowers for gents

Traditionally, buttonholes are pinned to the left lapel of men's jackets.  The design, colour & flowers used are chosen to compliment the gal's bouquets.  Consider a buttonhole for the bridal party, father, M/C, pageboy etc.


Ceremony flowers

Floral designs for your wedding ceremony can be minimal or extravagant! Suitable designs will also depend on whether you are being married in a church or another location (such as a park, beach, house, restaurant, garden, reception venue etc).  You may want to consider designs that you can relocate to your reception venue. 

Large floral arrangements in ceramic pot or glass vase


Flat backed design // from $180 each

Fully round design // from $250 each

Church pews / outdoor chairs

Having a little something to dress the ends of chairs defines the aisle & an entry way for your arrival.


Ribbon ties with bow // from $10 each

Single bloom // from $8-$12 each

Small cluster or posy with blooms // from $25 each

Floral arch / Bamboo frame

To add the wow factor to your ceremony location a beautiful arch defines the space beautifully. 


Prices vary according to coverage, floral content & style/size of arch.

Other ceremony options (POA)

Depending on your setup it's worth considering the following


// posy vase for signing table

// hanging pomanders

// glass baubles with blooms

// rose petal trail for aisle

// rose petal cones

// garlands to hang or drape 


Reception flowers

Your wedding reception is your opportunity to fully develop your wedding theme.  Flowers & other decorative items will transform any venue, bringing it to life with your unique style & personal touch.


At WHF we have sets of vintage, cut crystal, glass, eclectic jars & bottle vessels, husks & other organic materials that can be used for your wedding reception.  There is also the option for you to provide the vessels, & we will fill them with love.


Great ideas for round tables 

Round tables have a good centre space to decorate with flowers.  Low designs work well, so guests can easily see over the blooms.  Tall designs need to hover above the guests heads so they can comfortably interact with each other while sitting.


// lush posy in a low glass vase // from $80

// an eclectic collection of vessels with blooms (jars, bottles, vases).  Vessels can be simply filled with just a few stems or have heavy fill of blooms. 

// consider using a few different designs across the room to give interest & variety - this idea looks great at big weddings with more than 10 tables.

// glass fishbowl vase with internally arranged blooms.

// tall vase designs on round tables are most suited to large venues with high ceilings.  Designs can be sculptural with the inclusion of branches & architectural flower types.  Tall waisted vases or pilsner vases are lovely for soft, full & flowing designs.

// perhaps consider combining a low or tall design with small bud vases, votives &/or a mirror for added interest.

Great ideas for rectangular tables 

Typically, restaurant size rectangular tables are narrow, so space is limited once the table is fully set with glasses, plates etc.  Low designs sit well in this space, and may include:


// an eclectic collection of vessels with blooms (jars, bottles, vases) with a light or heavy fill of blooms. 

// long & low glass trough(s) filled with blooms

// a series of small posy vases (fishbowls, cube, squat cylinder)

// a garland of vines & blooms

Ideas for cocktail, coffee or bar tables

Low designs are most suitable so there is a little chance they will be tipped over.


// low posy vase

// fishbowl vase with internal blooms

// votive candles

// small & low eclectic bottles & jars with blooms





Cluster on Top $60-$80

Two small clusters to rest on tiers $30-$40

Garland trailing down the side of the cake $80-$120

Abundance of flowers to conceal base of cake & clusters throughout the tiers $80-$120