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Frequently Asked Questions //

// How far in advance should I book my wedding flowers with WHF?

Ideally 3 months lead time is suitable for us to come up with a quote for you & help finalise your flower process, so don't panic if you think you are running out of probably aren't. 

// Can my quote be revised?

No problem. We understand that you may need to make revisions throughout the planning process.  The best way to go about this is to provide full details in an email.   Please understand that multiple revisions take time so we ask that you consider minimising these where possible.  All final changes or cancellations must be made no later than 14 days prior to your wedding date.

// Can I add or delete items from my order once I have booked in?

Yes. The order can be revised and the balance updated.  The best method of contacting us is via email where we will get back to you with confirmation when we are back in the office. 

// The quote does not meet my budget. What next?

First off, have a think about your initial wish list for your wedding & reassess your priorities of where you would like to see your flowers featured.  We can then revise your quote accordingly with designs that work within your budget.

// Can I pick up my flowers from your store to save delivery costs?

Yes. Bouquets & hair flowers should not be collected sooner than 2 hours before your wedding to ensure they stay hydrated & fresh. 

// How do I book with WHF?

A 50% non-refundable "save the date" deposit is due to secure our services for your event.   A working contract will then be prepared for you to look over and sign.  The final amount is due a month prior to your special day.

// Can I return WHF hired glassware to shop to save on “bump out” costs?

Yes, please refer to our terms & conditions.

// Why are “bump in & bump out” costs so pricey?

We engage our qualified staff to deliver & set-up for weddings. Costs are calculated based on hours of work for each staff member (at weekend rates) together with travelling & vehicle expenses. Some venues insist that “bump out” occurs at the completion of the wedding - this attracts premium rates.

// Can WHF re-locate items from one venue to another (eg ceremony arrangements to reception)?

Yes. This does attract extra cost for our staff to wait for the ceremony to end and guests to depart or to go back to ceremony a second time.  The most cost effective option here is for you to arrange someone to do this - make sure they have an appropriate vehicle for transport! Otherwise our staff can re-locate items.

// Should I contact the wedding co-ordinator close to my wedding?

We will contact you the near to your wedding. An email will be sent with a current copy of your order, together with a checklist for you to confirm all details are current & correct.

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